• Hi! This test has 4 questions. The first three answers should be based only on the platform I am about to describe. The last question asks how reading my profile alters your vote. Please wait and read my profile after answering the first three. If you have already seen my profile try to answer as though you had not.

    Platform: I will likely veto any and all legislation that does not address the following. Once they have been addressed roughly in order I will do my best to continue to follow the dictates of the constitution.

    Restore/enforce our first amendment right to petition. In my view this outranks all other issues. Until our servant government is brought back under control any other issue could swing one way or the other depending on which way the money is flowing.

    Popular vote. The public may put any issue to a direct national vote, circumventing congress, the supreme court, and the presidency. The actual process for this would be carefully thought out, have many safegaurds in place, and be tested at the state level (or in D.C.) prior to federal implementation.

    Abolish all federal taxes to be payed by individuals.

    Require apportionment as stated in the constitution so the states pay federal taxes based on population.

    Abolish all federal record keeping on US citizens, except for federal employees. This is the only way to prevent the gross abuse of power occurs. States would print US passports, not the fed. States would be allocated funds for fed programs like social security, distribution of funds and record keeping would be performed by the fed. Likewise any citizen can request that a state forward copies of its records to the current state of residence and permanently delete its own records.

    Abolish all federal cash payments to states and forbearance of payments by individual states to the fed. This will prevent the fed from dictating to the states by holding back funds.

    Articles of confederation style restrictions on corporations including . . . Corporations have defined time limits and defined activities. Operating outside of these limits or breaking any law are grounds for dissolution of the corporate charter. Corporations may not hold stock in other corporations. All shareholders and officers are public record. Corporations may not engage in activities that could reasonably be performed by sole proprietorships (small businesses). No corporate lobbying. Corporations may not require or compel disclosure of personally identifiable information to provide services, except for loans and credit accounts where debt exist for more than one year. This means everyone gets genuinely anonymous cellphones and utilities if they wish.

    Make it illegal for a public official to lie to anyone about government business. Penalty is immediate dismissal from office. All individuals who serve in the following positions will have personal financial records open to the public until death. President, vice president, federal congressman, governor, state supreme court justice, federal justice. Did you know its illegal to lie to a federal agent? Hardly seems fair that the reverse is not true.

    No more campaigns. Each candidate for any federal office may make a platform statement of 10 pages that will be accessible online and in government faclities. This gets rid of campaign contributions and one form of bribery.

    Secure our borders, oust the illegal aliens - especially mexicans. This nation is like a lifeboat, it can only support so many and since most illegal aliens send most of the money they make home they are a drain on the economy. Worse, many vote fraudulently and for bigger government. They are trying to ruin our nation the same way they ruined mexico.

    Make it illegal for the mentally ill to serve in public office, including psychopaths, sociopaths, narcisists, and those with borderline personality disorder. This will be a small step toward ending the bribery and corruption.

    All laws have a 10 year sunset after which they must be reaffirmed.

    Each federal congressman may submit one bill per year. No exceptions. Length of text of bill is limited to 50 pages. This will give congressmen more time to review legislation so they can make an informed vote and it will make it more difficult to be sneaky with the wording.

    No bill passes without 50 percent of congress voting for it. This prevents sneaky last minute passage of bills like the DRA.

    Parties will no longer be listed on ballots. Just name and office. If you didn't do your homework you shouldnt be voting.

    Ban on electronic voting.

    More restrictions on federal interaction with individuals, TBD.

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