• This test is an adventure and a puzzle. You first choose your crack team of explorers that will accompany you into the dark heart of a jungle island. Then you will experience a six day adventure on the island in an attempt to recover a fabulous treasure and return. On each day, you will have to choose how to handle a crisis. How good these choices are depends on the team you selected. Without a doubt, you will need some balance of muscle, brains, cleverness, and survival skills to make it back with the prize.

    Achieving victory will be hard, but there is no single team or path to success...


    Ah...the life of a world-famous explorer. It has its ups and downs. One day you are sitting in your favorite European club, trading stories of big game hunts with other adventurers and amazing the most luminous dignitaries of the turn of the 20th century with tales of forgotten cities and forbidden relics, and the next you are tied up to a pole in some God-forsaken jungle, an addition to the local menu.

    You haven't made a name for yourself by playing it safe, and when your arch-rival, Lord Maxwellington, proposes a challenge to you in the presence of the prime minister and two royals, you accept immediately. He defies you to recover the Gem of Goro-Tu, reputed to be the largest ruby in the world.

    "Easier said than done," you scoff, drawing the impressed murmurs of your elite fans and a sneer from Lord Maxwellington. It is then he reveals to you that the gem rests in the heart of a volcano lined with traps on an island of ferocious natives and forgotten monsters. But you laugh in the face of danger, and you laugh now. But all laughter stops when Lord Maxwellington reveals the name of the place....


  • A journey to Terror Island cannot be made alone, not even by a daring explorer such as yourself. You will need funds to launch the expedition and help once you get there. A delicate balance is required. Almost certainly there will be a need for porters and guides since the jungle is treacherous and largely uncharted. Yet, you will also need intelligent and quick-witted people to handle the unexpected problems that will arise suddenly and the deadly traps too. And no one ever went wrong by taking lots of guns and people who know how to use them.
  • 1
    Of course, this is your adventure, so you don't want too many other famous adventurers coming along to steal your thunder. So you decide to take only one partner of the candidates:

  • 2
    You decide you also have funds for a sidekick, someone no one will ever mistake for the hero and mastermind of the adventure, but might make some good decisions or at least can be used as bait:

  • 3
    Of course, any expedition needs a supply of utterly dispensible team members. How will you distribute your remaining funds?

  • 4
    Unfortunately, because you require someone to fund your expedition, any benefactor you choose is going to try to meddle with your team by forcing you to add someone who is doubtless only going to be a liability. So you must choose which dead weight you will also be taking:

  • Now that you have your team, you travel halfway across the world to your destination... and perhaps your destiny?