• This test is based off a psychological theory made up by a man named Lawrence Kohlberg. Just as an infant develops physically into an adult, and adult can move up in intervals/stages of moral development. Just because adults don't seem to grow anymore, it doesn't mean that their mind isn't still expanding and growing.

    This is my 6 Moral Stages test. After answering a series of hypothetical situations, you will be able to find out which moral stage you're at. Try to put yourself fully into these situations and pick the answer that would best suit what you would do. No answer is right or wrong. Just pick the answer that best suits your gut reaction to the hypothetical situation.

    Depending upon the popularity of my test, I will make up more hypothetical situations. Only time will tell....

    As a disclaimer, I will say that this test is to be used for pure fun and to not take the results too seriously. If you get an end result that you think is completely wrong, then ponder this; a colleague of this psychologist, Carol Gilligan, found out that every person can move from one stage to another, and don't have to move in an upwards motion, even move backwards. She also said that a person can be in more than one stage at any given time (hell, someone could be in all stages!).
    So which stage do you fall into? Stop reading and take my test already! And most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

    ADDENDUM: In this test, the highest you can score is 80. The percentage sign is rather irrelevant. Whatever number you end up getting is out of 80.