• Hi! And welcome to my 80s New Wave (Not For Posers) Test. This test will separate the true "wavers" and those who were really listening to Rockwell and Klymaxx in the 80s. Don't Google the answers before you take the test -- only losers aren't big enough to stand behind their scores! Good luck! At the end of the test, you will be scored on the following four categories: 0-10: TRUE POSER! Take off the white glove and stop lip synching "Beat It" in your mirror. You may be a child of the 80's, but the closest thing you got to New Wave was your 45 of Ready For the World's "Oh Sheila." 11-20: TOO MUCH ACID! You may have known a little about New Wave music once, but all that acid you dropped in the 90s has killed off too many brain cells. Don't worry, you're not alone. Most of us will fall into this category (Says something about acid sales in the 90s, huh?). 21-30: HEALTHY KNOWLEDGE! This is where the normal fan of New Wave should fit in. You know the things you should know, and you don't know the things that no sane person should ever know (enough "knows in that sentence?). You probably impress your friends with your 80s knowledge, but not to the point where you scare them. 31-40: YOU NEED HELP! If you fell into this category, it means one of two things: 1) You cheated. You are a loser who decided that for some reason the girls (or guys) looking at your profile will be impressed with your perfect score. Well guess what? They're not. They're actually frightened. Because they know that you the kind of person who will stoop to cheating on a test that means absolutely nothing, or that you fall into this category: 2) You know way too frigging much about New Wave, to the point where it isn't healthy. In fact, New Wave is thinking about filing a restraining order against you. Your friends were impressed with your ability to name every song in the first 1.2 seconds, at least they were for the first 584 times you did it last Friday night. Now they just shake their heads in sadness (and a little fear). Get a life. Find something to do that doesn't involve your ipod or Star 98.7s 80s Night. And by all means, erase your score from this website, because it isn't going to help you meet anyone (except other freaks with the same score, which, come to think of it, might not be a bad idea). For the first set of questions (30), match the artist with the song given:
  • 1
    A Million Miles Away

  • 2
    Bring on the Dancing Horses

  • 3
    The Promise

  • 4
    Rain in the Summertime

  • 5
    Wouldn't It Be Good

  • 6
    The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight

  • 7
    Enola Gay

  • 8
    Big in Japan

  • 9
    Pop Goes the World

  • 10
    Postcards From Paradise

  • 11
    Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)

  • 12
    One Thing Leads to Another

  • 13
    Love Will Tear Us Apart

  • 14
    Making Plans For Nigel

  • 15
    Dancing With Tears in My Eyes

  • 16
    OK, now a little harder.... Six Months in a Leaky Boat

  • 17
    Eaten By the Monster of Love

  • 18
    Kiss Me (You're Love is Better than Wine...)

  • 19
    People Who Died

  • 20
    Johnny are You Queer

  • 21
    The Crying Scene

  • 22
    Shout to the Top

  • 23
    A little harder.... Some People

  • 24
    What's My Scene

  • 25
    Now we're creating some distance from the posers.... "I Don't Mind at All"

  • 26
    I'll Do You (Cuz You'll Do Anything)

  • 27
    Living on Video

  • 28

  • 29
    And ridiculously hard, but you probably remember the song: When We Kiss (It Feels Like This, And When We Touch, It Means So Much)

  • 30
    Dancing With Myself was originally released by: