• Welcome!  In this 9 variable test I'll be analyzing your personality to decipher both what drives your humor and what it says about your greater personality.  The nine humor types we'll be exploring in this test are...

    Crude, Lewd, Likely to get you screwed, Zooed, Politically amused, Rude, Prude, Nude, or Geriatrically enthused.  (Circumstances beyond my control have forced me to delay the final 4 variables for the time being.)

    Fortunately there are no right or wrong answers here.  So answer honestly and enjoy.

    (If you are taking this test on okcupid due to a bug this test may not work right.  You need to go take it on helloquizzy.  You can use this link http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/tests/the-9variable-humor-intelligence-test).