• If you have a little bit of fluid intelligence and you've read the book once or twice you shouldn't have too much trouble on this test. You will receive 5 points for each correctly answered question. Those users from 18-19 years of age will be awarded plus 1 at the end of the test. The highest score you can receive on this test is ninety-one. The lowest you can get is -60. Without further ado, let us begin.
  • 1
    1.That bezoomny baboochka fell ill.

  • 2
    2. The pyahnitsa tolchocked the moodge.

  • 3
    3. And I was left all by my oddy knocky.

  • 4
    4. The shoot, the nazz and the nozh.

  • 5
    5. Her delicate rassoodock was all razdraz in the ensuing riot and she horned real horror-show.

  • 6
    6. The prestoopnik rozz oobivat the pig.

  • 7
    7. With little recourse, I viddied the strack writhe on in front of me, my senses all heightened by the intrusive synthemesc.

  • 8
    8. And at that, we all had a bolshy smeck.

  • 9
    9. There was invisible cal smeared all about the cantora.

  • 10
    10. By Bog, send him to Staja.

  • 11
    11. Users from oomny to gloopy, this website them them all.

  • 12
    12. The merzky starry soomka was left alone in the wilderness.

  • 13
    13. The vellocet runs swiftly through my veins and in my brain.

  • 14
    14. The molodoy nazz got a bit of spatchka while he was at the party.

  • 15
    15. To slosshy the outlawed warble meant death in certain countries.

  • 16
    16. The unexpected zvook made me to go real spoogy-like to the back door and what did I see but my starry bratchny brother standing there, real unwanted-like.

  • 17
    17. After using the britva on him real quick-like, he fell over dead straight away.

  • 18
    18. Odin, two, tree.

  • 19
    19. A bit of the old molocko plus and I'm set.

  • 20
    20. "...it was (domy) I was wanting and it was (domy) I came to, my brothers."

  • 21
    21. The nadmenny devotchka cheest her glazzies.

  • 22
    22. I put on my otchkies and my neezhnies and stepped out into the world.

  • 23
    23. I put a noga to his mozg. Didn't he feel a right bit helpless then?

  • 24
    24. I got my tass and my toofles and stepped over to the vaysay.

  • 25
    25. Stranded at the football game, I noticed most of the fan-girl hags had nice sets of groodies.

  • 26
    26. Me and my three lighters were out crasting pretty polly through most of the nochy.

  • 27
    27. Koshkas and kots can be found all around my mansion.

  • 28
    28. "I've a bit of a pain in me gulliver. Leave us be and I'll try to sleep it off and I'll be as right as dodgers for this after."

  • 29
    29. I've a bit of a pain in me keeshkas.

  • 30
    30. His yazbick and zoobies were all yellow and crusted over.