• Oh Hi, I didn't see you there. Thanks for stoping by and checking out my "cup of Mojo Jojo." - get your mind out of the gutter. Was it in the gutter?

    This is just a simple survey to see if what I think about relationships is similar to your perspective. Let's face it we've all had somewhat of a hard relationship, and that has narrowed our view on how relationships should be. The questions I'm asking are not easy answer questions. I would hope you read all the answers before answering, and go with your gut feeling aka womanly instincts.

    So I take it you've read my profile- and it didn't really say anything about relationships- it just said I was sexual, but there's more to me than that and you're first to know. Some of the questions actually don't relate to me at all, they are mainly to stimulate your mind and thoughts.

    This will be the first of the series. In time I'll be doing a survey on sex, passion, goals, life and career- basically all the things that I'm interested in and wanting to know about you.

    In a way I guess you would call this a pre-date to any future dates-whew I hope this saves some time for the both of us.

    Ok, lets get started....