• I got bored, so I decided to make a test, using my knowledge of random song lyrics. See if you can match what song/band the lyrics match. And, Thanks, Thommy, for coming up with one of them. Lol.
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    I got a wife in Chino and one in Cherokee. The first one say she got my child, but it don't look like me.

  • 2
    If Hans Christian Andersen could've had his way with me Then none of this shit would have ever gone down In my cell I'm tattooing myself with Mermaids and swallows and though I do swallow My mama thinks I'm grown but I'm really just little.

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    So you can sit on chimneys Put some fire up your ass No need to know what you're doing or looking for But if anyone should ask

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    I am to busy to have plans. A lover would just complicate my plans. So I will never look for love again. And take matters into my own hands. I'm taking matters into my own hands.

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    Swirling black lilies, totally ripe.