• Who needs reality? I prefer to surround myself with talking milkshakes, torsoless detectives, superhero lawyers, and inbred land-dwelling squids. Are you the same? Take my test and prove it.
  • 1
    Is Velma (Scooby-Doo) a lesbian?

  • 2
    Has Brock Samson ever slept with Molotov Cocktease?

  • 3
    Hank and Dean Venture have been killed many, many times.

  • 4
    Tim and Eric have no idea how to use editing software.

  • 5
    Granny Culyer is one horny old lady.

  • 6
    Frylock can shoot lightning from his eyes.

  • 7
    Hesh (from sealab 2021) has wack rhymes my scheegros.

  • 8
    David Bowie is the leader of the Guild.

  • 9
    Assy Magee is an teetotaler who is very careful with his firearm.

  • 10
    Brendan Small is the real name of both the main character and the creator of Home Movies.