• Hi! And welcome to the AlaskaBound63 Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine whether we could accept each other as life partners and whether or not I could actually live with you on a long term indefinate basis.
  • 1
    Do you live in Alaska and own your own home and are you looking for someone who can be an awesome homemaker and best friend in exchange for room and board for herself, her belongings and well behaved, affectionate three cats?

  • 2
    Do you allow cats on the furniture and in the bed?

  • 3
    Does your house have enough room to comfortably accomodate a live in homemaker with a california king size bed, drum set, artwork and supplies, computer and supplies and three well behaved, affectionate cats with their toys?

  • 4
    Do you honor anothers artistic abilties, actually enjoying them and feel you would like to do all you can to see them soar with their talents?

  • 5
    Do you have chidren that live with you either full or part time?

  • 6
    Do you have children under the age of 18 that come to visit you on a frequent basis?

  • 7
    Do you want children?

  • 8
    Would you be willing to accept anothers children coming to visit for short periods (two weeks or less)?

  • 9
    Do you have pets of any kind?

  • 10
    If you have pets, do you have reptiles?

  • 11
    If you have pets do you have dog(s)?

  • 12
    Do you drink alcholic beverages?

  • 13
    Do you smoke pot?

  • 14
    I like to buy my friends things they need and want as surprises for no seasonal reason.

  • 15
    I can accept when someone who cares about me buys me gifts of things I need or have expressed a desire in wanting for no seasonal resaon at all, just because.

  • 16
    I love sex and enjoy pleasuring my partner, but I respect when some one is not ready to have sex and can wait indefinately.

  • 17
    I can live without sex, I enjoy it, but it is not neccesary for a loving and long term bond.

  • 18
    I have no problem with my partner having sex with someone else to fulfill their sexual needs. I know they love me and are coming home to me every night and they tell me about each and every encounter and well as being up front with the sex partner they are with at the time.

  • 19
    If my partner could not have sex with me I would have to find it elsewhere.

  • 20
    This test has had some pretty thought provoking questions from someone who obviously has been hurt and just needs someone to love them for who they are with out any pressures of sex.

  • 21
    I like to be the provider in a realtionship.

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