• Alignment Test

    Welcome to my Alignment test. This alignment test is based on the Dungeons and Dragons character alignment. Isn't that among the nerdiest things you've ever heard of??
    Please do not skip questions! Doing so will have undesirable effects on your scoring!

    In D&D, there are 5 fascets to a person's alignment, those being Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, and Neutrality.

    Much of this test is borrowed from other sources; I have found this to be much better for analysis, because it makes the test less subjective and biased. I AM no more a plagairist than judge influenced by a jury's verdict or gathered evidence (or whatever).

    As with all user-made tests/quizzes, please keep in mind that this is based on a GAME, and therefore is no true description of the person you are, or a "personality test," per se! Have fun with this test; and DO NOT TAKE IT 100% SERIOUSLY! In fact, there is no science to this test what-so-ever!

    Because I love FFVII so much, and I've played it more times than I can count on my fingers, I've added main FFVII characters to the alignment results examples. :D