• Welcome! The "Am I a Nudist? Test" will determine, beyond a reasonable doubt, your inclination (or not) to get naked whenever possible, and your attitudes towards those who do!

  • 1
    When sleeping at night, I normally wear:

  • 2
    When walking around my home, I normally wear:

  • 3
    Given an opportunity to attend a figure drawing class with nude models, I would:

  • 4
    On an afternoon outing to the beach where there is a 'nude' beach adjacent to a 'clothing required' beach, I would:

  • 5
    If I attended a dance party and the host announced clothing was optional, I would:

  • 6
    I prefer to have sex wearing:

  • 7
    If I were interested in attending a weekend couples workshop about improving our sex life, I would prefer:

  • 8
    If a saw a person wearing nothing but a sarong in public, I would most likely consider this person to be:

  • 9
    If I saw a photo on OKC with exposed nipples or genitals (in violation of the rules), I would:

  • 10
    My reaction to the following statement, "Certain parts of the human body are private and should only be exposed to myself or a love partner.":

  • 11
    "I was born naked."

  • 12
    "Since I was born naked, what is wrong with being naked?"

  • 13
    "God directs humans to be clothed."

  • 14
    The sight of a naked body is:

  • 15
    Certain cities have 'Naked Yoga' classes. I:

  • 16

  • 17
    Wild animals go around naked. People normally don't. Why?

  • 18
    "I am completely naked right now."

  • 19
    "I wasn't naked when I answered the last question, but now I am."

  • 20
    The author of this test, NakedMichael, should: