• Think you are a fan of The Adventures of Andew and Jer-Mac? Well, do ya? Punk? Well, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and take this here test. Then you can go struttin' your stuff with a badge of honor known as the proof of your knowledge earned by this test.
  • 1
    ok, first an easy one, what does Jer-Mac think sucks?

  • 2
    what is the exact quote from the creepy guy in episode 1?

  • 3
    what does Andew and Jer-Mac spend the UN's donation for proper housing on?

  • 4
    Who runs against Andew in the Chanselloral Debate?

  • 5
    Where would an overweight guy who runs around in the nude and is offensively ugly wanna go to fit in?

  • 6
    what is the name of our rocket?

  • 7
    Where did Andew think the Al Gore Extravaganza was?

  • 8
    how many episodes did season 2 consist of?

  • 9
    why did future Andew and Jer-Mac go back in time to warn past Andew and Jer-Mac not to build a time machine in episode 3

  • 10
    what does Jer-Mac constantly dream about?

  • 11
    Jer-Mac: Dude! Take I-94! Andew: We're in the bloody __________ right now......

  • 12
    "Hey! Hey! Hey! Andew got a letter from the International Al Gore Fan Club! Andews the president or ________________________."

  • 13
    Quick! Without looking, what color are Andew's shoes?

  • 14
    What does Lightbeast and Connor get as food on their space voyage?

  • 15
    What was Andew's plan for getting rid of the creepy guy?