• Greetings and welcome to the Angel Test, or more precisely, the Patron Angel Test. It measures which Angel best covers your needs at this time of your life.

    Angels are androgynous beings said to protect us when we are in danger, show us the way when we are lost, comfort us, and lead us through our trials and tribulations. There are hundreds of Angels, each one of them having a more or less unique purpose. Let's find out what kind of earthly or spiritual matters you could use some angelic help with!

    Note: Though there are supposedly seven Archangels, there has been some debate on who the seven are. In this test, all Angels speculated to be Archangels will be titled as such. Ultimately there are 10 "Archangels" in it.

    Also note that although Angels are agreed to be androgynous they are usually referred to as male. On rare occasions an Angel may be explicitly referred to as female, but not usually. I will be using "he" simply because it's more respectful than "it", but actually I agree that it's not quite fair neither correct, but what will you do. Most of us know that certain orthodox religions are not exactly pioneers of admitting female characters the same worthiness of being revered or at least mentioned as the male characters we all know so well. In fact, they are usually portrayed as impure or cunning. Slightly dim at best. Anyway, it won't change anytime soon so I won't dwell on it. My apologies.

    (All images are copyright Michael Parkes. Thanks to angelicartistry.com, connectingwithlight.com, and uhm, Google.com.)

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