• Hi! Welcome to my test on a very basic, but critically important pillar to relationships - managing our negative emotions.  Many have tried and failed - the reality is that relationships will bring about conflict.  The true test in a relationship is when the chips are down, not when things are easy; be it conflict or some other challenge, how one responds affects a couple's ability to resolve and overcome.  Is your emotional mind part of the problem or part of the solution?


    BE HONEST when answering!


    I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine how you react in stressful situations. This test will reveal how difficult it is for you to control your temper, whether or not you express anger in unhealthy ways, etc.  Again, without TOTAL HONESTY, the results will be meaningless.


    Important note: if you hit people and break shit, just skip the test and get some help, OK?


    I'm sorry ladies, but this test is not graded on a curve.  So when you see the results, you just might come away believing you're the angrier sex. Just sayin'.