• Hi! And welcome to my Animal Personality Test. I originally wrote this test using quizilla after taking a similar test in my AP psychology class, mainly because I trusted what it said about the compatibility of different personality types, and insisted on making everyone I knew take it. Now that I'm a big kid, I've decided to move this this test to OKcupid to share with all of you wonderful individuals. This test puts people into one of four very broad categories, and can be used to find out how people relate to each other, how they respond to their environment, or how to resolve issues.

    Note: Most of this test is a series of repetitive questions that evaluates different aspects of personality by determining the validity of a statement. For a year or so, a question like "I am... trustworthy" would have the options of answering either "true" or "false". I have since realized that some things aren't as black and white. These questions now have the options of "most of the time", "sometimes", or "rarely." That being said, take it easy with the "sometimes" option. I know that all of these traits were probably applicable to you at some point in time, but if you lean towards either extreme, your result will be more accurate if you indicate so in your answer.