• So, you have come to find out if you are an anime fan, otaku, or weeaboo, eh? First off, you are going to need to know the difference between the three.Anime Fan- Someone who watches anime without reason or motive, they simply watch it for entertainment. They only watch shows that air on Adult Swim such as Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece. They like anime but are not entirely infatuated with it. Often, they don't know much about anime or Japanese culture at all.

    Otaku- Translated from Japanese to mean geek. An avid watcher of anime and overall geek. They may know a lot about Japanese culture but they are not obsessive, simply interested. They don't make a complete fool of themself by putting desu or de geso at the end of every sentence. They are simply an anime geek through and through, nothing more nothing less. And most off all, they don't act like a retarded fanboy(girl) about everything that has to do with anime.

    Weeaboo- (synonym: Wapanese) A wannabe Japanese person who makes a point out of there strange love of anime. They are probably very ignorant when it comes to Japanese culture, but often act like they know everything about Japan. They will exclaim "Kawaii neko" when they see a cat and most likely will pronounce it wrong. They will put desu and de geso at the end of each sentence, and will say Konichiwa as a greeting. They may also answer the phone and with "moshi moshi" instead of a simple "hello".

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