• Hi! And welcome to the Annoying Misuse of English Test. Those of us who care about English find that certain errors annoy us more than other errors. I wrote this test to find out how many people are irritated by the same things I am. There's really no significance to this; I'm just curious. I'll probably be adding questions to it frequently, every time I notice something else that bugs me.
  • I have no doubt that this test will be full of its own mistakes (spelling, punctuation, grammar, you name it) just because one cannot even hint at being an English snob without the universe chosing to whack one up 'side the head with embarassing mistakes. Oh, well. Try to ignore them.
  • ---- This was suppose to be a blank line. Can someone tell me how to introduce white space into a test? I suppose it's an html code or something. OKC doesn't reply to my querries. ----
  • As of today, (Oct 23, '05) I'm still re-working the scoring and catagories, and I'll probably continue to do so for a couple of days. I hope you have fun with it, and I hope we end up feeling that we aren't quite so alone.

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