• Aha! Welcome one and all to what I hope will be an enjoyable test based on everything related to the very best comedy in the world - British comedy. Britain afterall is the greatest place in the world. The clue's in the name.

    Try not to cheat. It will vary in difficulty but if you cheat it's no fun for anybody. That said, I don't want to put too many rules in. This isn't Nazi Germany, afterall.

    There are 25 questions, each worth a point each. I have tried to vary the questions but I suppose it's inevitable that I will ask questions related to programes I like, and avoid ones I don't. I have tried putting pictures in but it doesn't seem to work, so this isn't nearly as exciting as it could be.

    If you spot any errors or anything like that do let me know, and if you enjoy the test let me know too. I'll be honest, I lost interest about 3 questions in so don't expect too much.