• Though as a rule of sanity one must accept that in the here and now they are human, many amongst us feel that they are something else. Though a completely unscientific process, involving the minimum amount of duct-tape humanly possible, this test will attempt to determine if you are nearer the apes, the angels, or if you fall outside of the equation entirely.

    Though I have put some effort into the logic of the scoring system I am certain it's less than perfect. It is for instance fairly difficult to get a high carnal and high intellectual score while also getting a low emotional score. Though this may in theory not be a bug. I have so far with effort been able to pick a target result and get it, or one like it.

    This test will be further improved once I know how to get the objects on a page which has had an image added to show up again. That is to say I can no longer edit page 4...and I'm quite annoyed. I am quite open to suggestions, particularly for some of the more odd results, and I am considering this an open beta of the test.

    The logic for each score is supposed to be as follows: Carnal; attachment to the physical, the more interested in the pleasures of physical existence, the more rooted in it you are. Intellectual; this is -not- just a measure of how smart you are, more how much you think about things including the questions them selves and their meaning. There are a two real math questions thrown in they represent 8% of the score, and give partial credit. Two more gage attitude and represent another 8%. This variable is probably the one that could use the most work, but page 4 is not editable. Emotional; definitely has a lean to the more "positive" side, but anger and annoyance are factored in.

    Skipping a question always results in a null score, which can theoretically be more accurate.

    For those curious the current scoring system has 27 results or 3^3:
    Carnal : low | med | high
    Intellectual : low | med | high
    Emotional : low | med | high