• Hullo, so you think you can prosper using the forces of magic? Or are the dark arts a thing that haunt your nightmares and waking hours? Do you think Cthulhu is an over demanding slime beast? Do you know the proper way to ward off a vampire? Do you know how to get the best from your uppity magical sword? If you can't think on you feet then you have no place in a realm of mystery. Because let's face it At the end of the day a wand is just a bit of wood.
  • I want you to use your brain and the powers of the internet (it's not cheating! it's research, damn it!) to pick the best answer for each question. Since this is my test we are using my rules, if you want to debate the "right" answer on one of these questions just drop me a line. I will gladly hear you out, most likely tell you that you are wrong and we can become better friends because of it. Don't skip questions, if you don't know the answer and are too lazy to figure it out then guess, one of my veritable is luck. Even if you aren't a geek, you might just be magical enough to get it right.
  • 1
    Does the supernatural exist?