• Howdy. Lots of people have "Do You Like Good Music" tests, but "Good Music" is a highly subjective concept. I took a test here where the scoring method assumed that just because I didn't like the test-makers favorite music that the music I like must therefore be homogenized commercial crap, spoon-fed to a weary populace by the major labels. His idea of good music was radically different from mine, yet we both seemed to agree that Britney Spears, boy bands, and their ilk are robbing the music biz of its soul. So rather than have a quiz that says "my favorites are better than yours," I simply present a quiz to see if we have the same tastes in music. I have an open mind toward new and unfamiliar artists, but on the whole, I'd rather take recommendations about such artists from people who like a lot of the same stuff as I. If you score well, you should contact me with your recommendations! Oh, and no fair cheating and looking at my profile to see my faves--that would kind of defeat the purpose. If you already have, I'm sure there are plenty of better quizzes out here for you to run through. If not, please proceed. Hopefully, you'll score high and we'll be talking soon. :)

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