• Hi! And welcome to my are u the guy of my fantsies Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. this test will be based on your responses to the senarios in my sexually oriented dreams, basicly my dreams that make me have orgasms.this really isn't that much of a quiz, but more of a sex fantasy story.at this is just a beginning, if you like the stroy and want to hear the rest or you would like to tell me how you would want it to end, send me a message. REMEMBER, THIS IS KINDA INCOMPLETE AND WILL BE WORKED ON, SO SEND ME FEED BACK.
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    After a long day of work you finnaly are ready to go grab some beers. while on your way to the bar, you see me walking in front of you, with a white laced top the exposes my perfectly tanned skin from 4 inches above my hypnotizing belly button. my mini loose fit skirt is swaying gentle as the provocative sight attracts your gaze. you cant help but think about it. you know that the blistering heat is making my inner thighs ready to sweat and how I am turned on by the blasts of cool air that get trapped underneath my skirt. I slowly raise my hand to wipe off the sweat on my forehead as you look on from the back, your eyes moving from the flirty edge of my skirt to the exposed skin of my lower back as you see my top raise up exposing more skin. the bar is right across the street and your mind hatches a brilliant plan. you appraoch me from be hind and noticemy breasts rising with each tiring breath, pushing on my high heels a little you cause me to stumbleand catch me in your muscular sweat lined arms. dizzy and disoriented I rest my head against your chest as you take your chance and slide your arm to the bottom of my top, itching to reach in and unstrap my bra.you lift me up and hold me, your hand ever so slightly inches undr my top.so far does this turn you on?

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    slowly looking up, breathing hard, i stare into your eyes and slowly lean closer to you, exploring your shoulders arms and chest with my hands. we both know what's about to happen, and my will to resist is weak from the heat. moving my hips into ypu we walk into the bar on ten feet away, as a breeze comes and fills up my skirt. you see my eyes close and

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    turning me on you lay me down in the ally behind the bar, go in and come out with ten beers, ice cold, and sit down beside me. the breeze died downas sweat rools from my long brown hair all the way to my breast and sliding in between them. you take a beer and slowly put the base at my neck, and with my eyes closed my body tenses as you can see the horniness spreding throughout my body.now you take another beer and place those at my breasts. slowly my nipples harden and protrude through the bra and top.you then rub them until you reach back,and undo my bra and take it out from my breasts and begin to place a beer in between my loose sweaty full breasts as my nipples tear through my top. you :

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    now you stare down at my skirt and can see my red laced floral imprited thong through my skirt. right now r u turned on?