• Hi! And welcome to my "are we compatable Test". lets just see how compatable we really are !! have fun but be honest with yourself.
  • 1
    how would you get to know me.

  • 2
    what are your beliefs?

  • 3
    how often do we have sexual incounters together?

  • 4
    do you enjoy children or have children of your own.
  • 5
    how would we blend our families once we decide to move to the next level of relationship
  • 6
    how many kids would you like to have, blended family included.
  • 7
    whats a typical sunday look like for you
  • 8
    do you believe in love at first sight
  • 9
    how would you handle a troubled child.
  • 10
    what are your priorities, closest match