• Welcome!

    This test is designed to test if we will be compatible with each other.  I'll be measuring two variables: how much I would want to be around someone like you, and how quickly I will drive you insane.  Although this is meant to be a general test (for both genders), it's still slightly biased toward females.  I don't mean the scores are altered in any way - just that some questions will be weird for a guy to answer.

    You will see a few math/science-related questions in this test.  Don't worry - I don't expect anyone to be a rocket scientist.  The questions should be easy enough for most people to answer.  If you are mathematically inclined however, watch out!  Just because a question deals with numbers doesn't mean it's designed to test your number skills.

    One word of advice before we start: some questions are meant to trick you!  If you really want to score high, you'll have to take everything you read very seriously.  Starting now.