• Chavs are the lower class peasants that are infecting our towns and cities. The phenomenon is thought to have started in a town in northern England, but now all towns and cities throughout the UK and across the world are infected with chavs to some extent.

    "Chavness" is the medical term for this horrible disease. The condition is contagious, terminal and heritable. The initial symptoms are visible in early teens, normally with the purchase of a Burberry checked baseball cap, but I’ve seen children as young as 7 showing the early signs.

    Occasionally, chavness can go into remission, but chavs can never truly be cured.

    For more information on chav culture, how to identify them and how to destroy them, use the following resources:

    Chavscum UK
    Chavscum International

    But the first step is to get tested for "chavness". So do this test, and if you're over 50%, get the hell out of town, you dirty underclass filth!

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