The Are You A Closet Chubby Chaser? A True Lover Of BBWs?Test

  •   Welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic(pft!) and magic(abra cadabra) to determine your true nature.

           This test is basically to see If you are a True lover of BBWs,no matter who likes it or who doesnt, a closet chubby chaser, or well...neither.

        So, Tell me this....Are you a true carnivore that thinks the more meat the better?  Are you still hiding in that dark closet with a night light afraid to admit your addiction to us big gals? or are u Just a Doggie looking for a bone to gnaw on?

         I know there are tons (no pun intended,well..maybe alil) of closet chubber chasers out there, c'mon...its time to MAN UP!! (the first step in recovery is to admit your addiction) =)~