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  • Alright. There's some Creepy's on here. Yes, I said it. Some of you don't know, So take the test and find out.
  • 1
    Do you (the majority of the time) send really long, pleading messages to people on OKCupid/Myspace that you know are WAY out of your league?

  • 2
    Have you ever purposely went to an area which you thought you might meet someone/a couple people you've seen on OKCupid, without their knowledge?

  • 3
    Have you ever day-dreamed or dreamed about a person who you've seen on OKCupid, but you've never met them and haven't really talked to them?

  • 4
    Ever constantly visit a profile without ever telling the person?

  • 5
    Do you send messages to people saying anything on the order of 'hey sexy' 'nice lips' or 'your body is so hot, can i have it on my naked body?'

  • 6
    Ever have more than 1 person tell you to "FUCK OFF" or "GO FUCK YOURSELF" on OKCupid?

  • 7
    Ever find out the object of your desire have a boyfriend/girlfriend and did you try to hunt them down using OKCupid/MySpace?

  • 8
    Finally, Have you ever jerked off to an OKCupid's members pictures?