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    Welcome to my compatability test. I will ask you random questions that I find interesting in order to explore whether you still maintain the seeds of optimism despite your intelligence and experience. It is a bit random but play on anyway.

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    Love at first sight?

  • 3
    Bondage Domination Sadism and Maschocism?

  • 4
    Threesomes and Group Sex?

  • 5
    Do you stay up all night to talk and see the sunrise (with or without chemical help) OR make love all night?

  • 6
    Swimming right out in the ocean?

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  • 8
    Western Romantic Marriage (boy meets girl they fall in love they get married)

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  • 12
    "We are all born naked, everything else is drag."

  • 13
    I like David Lynch but am not a massive fan although I'd rather watch David Lynch films than Eastenders?