• Hi! And welcome to my "Are you a pioneer Test". A Pioneer is bold in the face of the unfamiliar, and to survive measures success with results rather than compliance to procedure. A pioneer esteems meritocracy over oligarchy; they prefer to find their own station in life instead accepting what they inherited or were assigned. As they blaze fearsome trails to new livelihoods, the "pursuit of happiness" rings especially strong in their hearts.
  • 1
    Do you often tell yourself, "somebody has to do it" as an explanation for you working more than others?

  • 2
    ...You come across an unfamiliar problem that you have no clue how to tackle, it's mind boggling. Typically would you take this as a challenge and dive right into solving it? What is you most natural response?

  • 3
    What rings more deep for you concerning the true meaning of Freedom?

  • 4
    When planning a fun adventure do you intentionally test your abilities by exposing yourself to risk?

  • 5
    What statement best fits your thoughts on being a loner?

  • 6
    Of the two choices, what would you most consider a satisfying day?