• Are you and your ex-boyfriend still friends?
  • 1
    Do you cringe when you hear about your ex-boyfriend and his new love interest?

  • 2
    Have you ever spied on your ex-boyfriend?

  • 3
    Do you think you could ever be friends with your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend?

  • 4
    Your at local house party, and in walks your EX with his new girlfriend. What do you do?!

  • 5
    Do you STILL have memories of your exboyfriend? (cards, teddybears, photos, locks of hair, blood samples, t-shirts and/or recorded voicemails/ online convos?) - DON'T LIE NOW!!

  • 6
    Have you ever been tempted to hack into your ex-boyfriends email account / voicemail?

  • 7
    Ok, somehow you've gotten a hold of your ex-boyfriend's online Screen name account - and you see his girlfriend sign online - Do you mess with her?

  • 8
    Do you constantly check your ex-boyfriends' blogs, webpages, picture pages, livejournal, and / or myspace?

  • 9
    Have you ever tried to break up your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend??

  • 10
    Does the fact that your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend have both blocked your screen name due to constant annoying IMS and emails phase you at all?

  • 11
    Have you ever lied to your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend to make her think less of him?

  • 12
    Have you ever put the moves on your ex-boyfriend only to be humiliated and rejected??

  • 13
    Have you ever gotten in an all out fight with your ex's new girlfriend, where you called her a bitch/hoe/slut/tramp/hussy/cheap whore/homewrecker/cunt/jewish barbie that sucks dick all day long..etc??

  • 14
    Have you ever slashed your ex's tires, egged his house, spread massive rumors about his tiny dick, pretended to be pregnant with his child, arranged lunch dates with his mom, dated his friends, or attempted other desperate means to engage his attention? (Use your imagination)

  • 15
    Have you ever written letters to your ex's new girlfriend, pretending to be your ex breaking up with her?

  • 16
    Do you work at Uno's Bar and Grill?

  • 17
    Have you ever tried to beat that cheap whore (his new girlfriend) up??

  • 18
    Did you make up a fake boyfriend/husband named Juancho to get your ex jealous?

  • 19
    It's official. That hussy has tricked him into marrying her. What do you do?!

  • 20
    Your ex and his new wife have filed a restraining order against you.. How do you handle this shocking news?

  • 21
    Last question.. After taking this test.. Do you think you are a psycho ex girlfriend???