• If you're a guy, you're probably wondering how manly you are. That is, if you're insecure. Well, this test will tell you how much of a REAL man you are, using complex subjective logic and advanced and highly biased calculations to determine, by my criteria, if you are manly or not. Females are free to take it, too. I know plenty of women who are more manly than the males I know. ;)

    And please don't take the test TOO seriously. As I said before, it's HIGHLY biased to my "idealized" kind of man, but just know that there are many diverse types of wonderful and manly men, and I love 'em all.

    And as a side note, don't assume that the stereotypical macho answers will get you a manly result. That might in fact hurt you. Or it might not. >=) You have been warned.