• Enough of all these will I like you/would we be good together/could we be friends happy tests. Fuck them. Fuck them with broken glass and barbed wire. This is a test with the sole purpose of telling you whether you're a moron or not. Yeah, you're welcome. It's not a "should you message me" test. If you're not a moron, I'm sure you're quite capable of making that sort of decision yourself. Note that some of the possible answers may strike a chord with some of you. As a rule of thumb, if you think it might be about you, it is. Oh, and ignore that gubbins on the side about how I would "welcome constructive criticism". That's just the OK Cupid staff having a laugh. They're like that. And the questions are in quite a random order. Deal with it. Version 1.2: I've tinkered with the scoring to make it harsher. You're welcome. Edit: New Profile. All credit/worship/death threats now go to MidDayCrisis. Which is also me. Just with a less fucking stupid username.

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