• Hey everyone...welcome to the "Are You Alesha's Perfect Match Test". I made this test, spanning all sorts of topics dealing with how compatible we might be! So good luck, wear your lucky underwear, and I'll see you on the other side...
  • 1
    If you were to message me on OkCupid, what would be your pick up line?

  • 2
    Do you meet people offline?

  • 3
    In general, what are your ties with your family?

  • 4
    How do you view yourself? HONESTLY.

  • 5
    What would be your typical first date?

  • 6
    What type of flower do you prefer to buy a girl (if you didn’t know what she liked)?

  • 7
    How is your English/grammar?

  • 8
    What type of girl would you want in your life the most?

  • 9
    Would you expect your girl to watch sports with you?

  • 10
    What is your favorite sport?

  • 11
    What would you do if you friends did not like your girlfriend?

  • 12
    Who wears the pants in the relationship?

  • 13
    What’s up with the smelly stuff? Do you wear it?

  • 14
    The verdict of the teeth.

  • 15
    Video games, RPG? Wii? PS2? Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

  • 16
    Favorite fruit?

  • 17
    What would be the shallowest reason you would dump a girl?

  • 18
    What would be a serious reason you would dump a girl?

  • 19
    If you had to listen to one of the following CD’s in the car for a 24 hour trip, what would it be?

  • 20
    Which do you consider yourself?

  • 21
    What is an SLP?

  • 22
    How do you feel about “big” words (aka: advanced vocabulary)?

  • 23
    What color eyes strike you the most?

  • 24
    What color hair strikes you the most?

  • 25
    What body type strikes you the most?

  • 26
    Favorite domesticated pet?

  • 27
    If you were to take me out to your favorite restaurant, what would I expect?

  • 28
    How do you feel about your girlfriend and make-up?

  • 29
    I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a toys ‘R us kid! How do you feel about the little tykes?

  • 30
    Hmmm…money, power, and estrogen, how does it make you feel?

  • 31
    How do you feel about interracial marriages/couples?

  • 32
    What kind of maintenance are you?

  • 33
    What kind of maintenance do you want your woman to be?

  • 34
    What kind of relationship are you looking for?

  • 35
    Come a little bit closer/you’re my kind of man/so big and so strong/come a little bit closer/I’m all alone/and the night is so long…okay enough singing, but seriously…how would you deal with distance?

  • 36
    Where would you prefer to settle down with your life?

  • 37
    How far are you willing to travel for leisure?

  • 38
    Romance? To be or not to be?

  • 39
    Gifts Gifts Gifts…what do you like to give/receive?

  • 40
    Okay, now for some sexual questions…turning it up a notch! You are…

  • 41
    How long would you date a girl before u would want to have sex?

  • 42
    What would be the most fun thing that your girlfriend could ask you to do for her in the bedroom?

  • 43
    What color bra and underwear set would you rather see on your girl?

  • 44
    What is your opinion on pornography?

  • 45
    What is your opinion of girls who watch pornography?

  • 46
    What would you do if your girl asked you to not give her a hickey anywhere?

  • 47
    If we were role playing according to our actual professional status, who would we be? (Which job is closest to yours and what would you prefer mine to be)

  • 48
    What’s your favorite sexual position with a girl? (If you’re a virgin, pretend you are married)

  • 49
    What type of role do you find yourself playing in the bedroom?

  • 50
    Which of the following places disgusts you the LEAST to put your mouth on a girl?

  • 51
    How many people have you slept with?

  • 52
    Where do you like your cum to end up when you orgasm?

  • 53
    If you found out it was that time of the month for your girl, how would you react sexually?

  • 54
    What are your thoughts on being naked?

  • 55
    Where is the most abnormal place you’ve had sex?

  • 56
    Where do you like to kiss a girl the most?

  • 57
    Ever done any sexual video taping/photography?

  • 58
    Which of the following girls would you rather have sex with strictly based off of their looks? (I highly suggest you look up their photos if you need to)

  • 59
    What is your favorite part of being physically close with a girl?

  • 60
    What kind of pet-names would you want to exchange between you and your girl?

  • 61
    Last question. For BONUS points, 50% of me is what heritage?