• OKCupid is a lot like Democracy - it's the worst dating site* there is, except for all the other ones. And also like Democracy, the problems are with the people you don't agree with.

    Of course, the catch is, are you actually right in complaining about the other people? Would things actually be worse if you had your way? The proverbial road to Hell and all that.

    Still, my test is mostly a catalog of annoying, discourteous and mean spirited behavior that is unfortunately fairly common on OKCupid. Or at least has been my experience and observation. But then again, maybe I'm just grouchy and bitter because no one wants to talk to me here except grandmothers from Iowa? (Not that there is anything wrong with grandmothers from Iowa, except they aren't my cup of tea, so to speak)

    Regardless, it's my test. And I did use some complaints from other users based on reading their journals. So I'm not a complete crank.

    *And of course, part of the trouble with OKCupid is although it advertises itself as a "dating site", I think only men believe that. Most women seem to be here just for the tests or to make fun of the men who think it's a dating site.