The Are You Are A Filthy, Lying, Dirty Bastard? Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my Are You Are A Filthy, Lying, Dirty Bastard? Test. Come on, we've all been there. That one night when we drank a little too much and woke up and weren't quite sure where we were (or who we were with). Or we did something a bit out of character to impress our friends and it ended up going farther than we thought it would and the next thing we know there are pictures posted online of the event and your shame is being talked about on blogs from coast to coast. Or hey, you just felt like being a total bastard (or bitch for us ladies) and you end up pissing off your best friend because you decided to sleep with their ex out of spite. Does this make you a filthy, lying, dirty bastard (or bitch)? Or are you just like everyone else? Come on, let's find out together kids. And this is my first bear with me!!! And let me know how I did. :)