• First, this test is for women to take only, or really, really gay guys. The question is, are you sexy enough to cause car accidents? Think of Salma Hayek in "Desperado" as a classic example. Living in NYC I see this sort of thing regularly, but where are you on the scale of "Passerby" to "Call 911"?

    You will be tested looking for two elements that are related in odd ways: your odylic force and your charisma. Odylic force is the raw magnetism that you generate when you do your thing, it is kind of purposeful. Charisma is the allure that you exude just by being you, it is kind of natural. These two forces do not go hand in hand.

    Remeber to be honest. You'll end up with the best results. Plus, I'm a mind reader, so if you fib, I'll know.

  • Ok, well good luck. Salma, say goodbye and good luck to the nice test taker...

    Salma: "Goodbye and goodluck." =)