• Hi! And welcome to the Are You Clingy Test. One of the main theories of romantic love in psychology is called Attachment Theory. Its basic premise is that all our romantic relationships are based on the relationship models we formed with our primary caregivers as babies (I'll refer to those by the scientific term: "mommy", despite kids being raised nannies, grandparents and fathers on occasion). There is quite a lot of evidence for Attachment Theory, but I think they are missing out on something: not everybody is looking for mommy.

    This test will check what sort of attachments you form to your love partner(s). If you don't currently have one, or currently have one you aren't too happy with, answer the questions thinking of the best partner you REALISTICALLY EXPECT to find.

    Questions referring to "people" are general questions about your attitude to people. Questions referring to your "partner" refer to current or prospective romantic partners.