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  • Hi! And welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine your true nature. I'll ask you some questions about something, then I'll analyze you. Author: This is your intro page. You should click here to edit the text, and you should write something witty, introducing your test. Also, see the fruity picture above? You should remove it and replace it with a fun picture relating to your test.

  • 1

    What is more important to you, personality or looks?

  • 2

    What kind of relationship are you looking for?

  • 3

    If you had an STD would you tell me?

  • 4

    Do you consider looking at another individual Naked regardless of whether in person or not, while being with someonelse cheating?

  • 5

    Do you believe in emotional affairs?

  • 6

    Do you think "I Love you" should be said to a friend that's your best friend, despite the fact your seeing someone else wrong?

  • 7

    Do you believe you can have a Best friend opposite sex, & never at some point of another develop romantic feelings on any lever with them?

  • 8

    IF you cheated on me, would you tell me?

  • 9

    If you were to confess that you have cheated on me, when would you tell me?

  • 10

    Is affection in a relationship important to you?

  • 11

    On a scale from 1-10 how affectionate are you? 1 is the lowest, 10 highest

  • 12

    what do you consider cheating?