• Take this test to find out if you are ready to settle down or if you are better off playing the field! Good luck!
  • 1
    In a typical weekend are you out partying, spending time with friends or spending time with family and loved ones?

  • 2
    You've been dating someone for a few weeks and its starting to get serious. What's the next step?

  • 3
    Let's assume that you have a healthy balance of partying with your friends and spending time with family and loved ones. What do you do if your friends don't like your new significant other; on the other hand your family adores them?

  • 4
    You've been dating for a while and you begin to notice that your new significant other has begun to let their eyes wander. What do you do?

  • 5
    You've just gone out to dinner. Now, you start to feel some pains in your stomach. You've been together for a while. Are you comfortable enough with this person to pass gas and excuse yourself?