The Are You Emotionally Compatible With Me Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my are you emotionally compatible with me Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. think you have what it takes?? Answer as honestly as you can,and have fun!
  • 1
    which of the following traits do you find most appealing?

  • 2
    Believe in true love?

  • 3
    have you cheated on someone in the past?

  • 4
    which color(s) appeal to you the most?

  • 5
    what's you favorite topping on pizza?

  • 6
    what type of perfume do you like a woman to wear?

  • 7
    how do you feel about one night stands?

  • 8
    think you're intelligent?

  • 9
    what's your favorite genre of movies?

  • 10
    You find intelligent women...

  • 11
    how do you feel about PDA's? (public displays of affection)

  • 12
    what's your style in what you wear?

  • 13
    name the thing you like doing best on the weekends?

  • 14
    what flavor appeals to you the most?

  • 15
    Into sports?

  • 16
    If you could be an animal,which one would you choose?

  • 17
    You are most likely to show a girl you like her by...

  • 18
    hypothetical situation:you and your current girlfriend are eating at a nice restaurant and your ex-girlfriend walks in and sees you together. How do you react?

  • 19
    What's your lovemaking style?

  • 20
    You just got fired from your job and you're really pissed off.(rightfully so).What's your reaction?

  • 21
    How do you feel about books?

  • 22
    Attitude about tattoos (on women):

  • 23
    What's your preference on a woman's makeup?

  • 24
    What kind of underwear do you wear?

  • 25
    Which is your ideal place to live?(if you could live anywhere)

  • 26
    This Baby's Got Back-what's your attitude on a girl with a big bootie? (Be Honest!)

  • 27
    Do you like to hunt for sport?

  • 28
    True or False:"It is better to Give than it is to Receive".

  • 29
    Peanut Butter and...

  • 30
    Got a sense of humor?

  • 31
    Which time of day do you feel most relaxed?

  • 32
    Your most valued item in your possession is...

  • 33
    Ahh..almost done. Who's your favorite movie monster?

  • 34
    Okay guys,this is the last one. Did you like my first test?