• Since the dawn of man, people have had something that they wanted to attain. This thing was in fact a high level of Epic-ness At one time, the world was full of epic men doing epic things. Now, sadly, it seems that no more epic things are being done to the degree that they were back in the day. Well I want that to change! This is a test to measure how epic you are. Don't bother looking for pictures; there are none. Real men live in such a thrilling world that pictures are disappointing.
  • 1
    You are sailing your boat home from glorious victory and you come to a choice. One path takes you toward a monstrous whirlpool, where you all will surely perish. The other takes you past a small island where lives a 6 headed beast that will eat your men. What do you do?

  • 2
    You make it home to find your villiage is being ravaged by a monter that attacks under the cover of night. Make your move.

  • 3
    Sure, you killed that monster dead, but now guess what? His mother's pissed. To make matters worse, she lives at the bottom of a lake and refuses to come fight you on your terms. How do you suppose we handle this mess, huh?

  • 4
    Due to a long and complicated adventure involving a talking stone head, a plane crash, and some bilingual pigmies, you are alone in the Congo when you happen upon a group of savages torturing a gorilla who is tied to the ground. What do you do?

  • 5
    What do you do when your enemies eventually get the jump on you?