• Hi! And welcome to my are you feared or loved? Test. I want to see how many women & men around are just like me, so strap ur seatbelt on and let's go! answer truthfully please.... to be honest these questions are related to incidents that have accured in my own life.
  • 1
    Have you ever helped an elderly man or woman cross the street?

  • 2
    Have you ever been in a fistfight with you against at least more then one guy and came out victorious?

  • 3
    Do you lose your self-control quickly in various situations?

  • 4
    how do you think your friends think of you?

  • 5
    Do thoughts like shooting somebody or cutting somebody ever cross your mind and do people around you know of this?

  • 6
    have you ever stood up for a friend which ended in a fight? (even though you too were injured)

  • 7
    do you have friends that used to be best friends which are now common foe's which on sight triggers your angre?

  • 8
    have you ever diliberaty broken anybody's bones knowing that you were doing so and had no remorse?

  • 9
    have you ever been arrested for such actions and also had no remorse?

  • 10
    (if you have a driver's license) Have you ever deliberatly ran somebody off the road because they annoyed you?

  • 11
    Have you ever stood up for a stranger in fight to aid them but also for pleasure?

  • 12
    have you ever hit or struck a police officer?

  • 13
    if one becomes your enemy, will it allways be like that or will you at some time forgive or let it go?

  • 14
    have you ever intimidated someone to get what you want?

  • 15
    do you have friends in crime that will back you up in any situation?

  • 16
    have you (like me) ever done community service for extorsion or beating up someone and even had a good time?

  • 17
    have you ever severly injured a police officer to make your escape in pursuit and didn't have remorse?

  • 18
    are you sometimes heart-less/ruthless or apathetic?

  • 19
    do your "crime" friends listen to what you say and don't stab the dagger in ur back?

  • 20
    if you are a person that would commit a shooting in a school and shoot people that you don't accually know, how would you answer THIS question?