• This test actually began life as The Are You Geek/Nerd/Dork Tolerant Test. Unfortunately the text field was too small to fit all that, so the poor nerds had to be cut.

    The test only measures one thing: your tolerance of the dorky among us. Setting scores and enforcing judgements is guest star me, a geek in his own right (subcategory: computer geek).

    As you answer questions, remember that no one actually cares what your score is.

    Update: This test has only been up for a day, yet early trend-analysis shows that the majority of females do score horribly low in comparison to males. Hopefully this is only because the sample population is small as of yet, and not because females are predisposed towards being intolerant of geeks/dorks/dweebs.

    Update #2: The females have taken the lead! Males age 35 still have everyone else beaten, though.

    Update #3: amnesiacsmuzak pointed out the error of my ways. Question 2 has been changed for clarity's sake and now references 'transSEXUALS' instead of 'transVESTITES'. Also, 15 to 19-year old females are still coming through as most tolerant. Good job!