• Good day! Do you consider yourself to be tolerant of others, in this case, homosexuals? Or are you someone who dispises them and thinks that it is morally wrong? Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. Let's see...
  • 1
    Your best friend decides to sit you down and tell you that they feel that he/she is a homosexual, and they want you to know. What is your immediate reaction?

  • 2
    Imagine that you're walking up the street. Would you feel more comfortable if you saw two men holding hands, or two men holding guns?

  • 3
    You're at a religious seminar and homosexuality is being discussed. The speaker insists that they know someone who has a program that can "straighten out" the homosexuals of the world. How do you respond?

  • 4
    Is homosexuality innate? (Are you born that way?)

  • 5
    How do you feel about gay people?

  • 6
    Should gay marriage become legalized?

  • 7
    Should gay and lesbian couples be allowed to have children? (Either through adoption or in vitro fertilisation)

  • 8
    You make a new same-sex friend at work/college and decide to pick them up one day for coffee and a trip to the bookstore. When you get to their appartment, you notice a small rainbow flag outside of their door. What do you do?

  • 9
    You're walking around the mall and hear a group of teenagers harassing a gay couple. You hear several derogatory terms and it looks like the group might physically attack the couple. What do you do?

  • 10
    You find out a male friend of yours likes to dress in women's clothing and lingere. What are your thoughts?