• Welcome to The Are You Kick Ass Test. This test is a comprehensive study of... wait... who am I kidding? I never did any comprehensive study, this is just to find out that YOU, the person taking this test, can live up to being “kick ass”. Not kick ass as in violent, but kick ass as in being a person who takes charge of life and being assertive in everything you do. Also, how much smarts you got up there and some moral stuff. So be prepared, be amazed, and be ready to kick The Are you Kick Ass Test’s ass!

    Thanks to: Shry7, FunkBerries, RHCPgirl, 1bloodyrose, NtheCrowd and Grommot for helping me make good questions and answering a few. And also thanks to all the others I tortured.

    *UPDATE*: I just edited it, added new questions, and messed with the categories and how they're devided.