The are you my knight in shining whatever Test

  • Every girl who grew up watching Disney movies and cartoons wants a knight in shining armor. Seeing as this is the twenty-first century, I'll accept a knight in something a bit more modern. Are you him? Let's find out!(special note: I will be adding to this test as I see fit, so feel free to take it again and again.)
  • 1
    It's your anniversary and...

  • 2
    You've been talking for a long time on OKCupid and finally meet in person. How do you greet her?

  • 3
    It's that dread time: meeting the parents.

  • 4
    You've met your match here on OKC and have decided you cannot live without her, but she lives miles away.

  • 5
    Your lady turns out to be a damsel-in-distress...

  • 6
    What is your steed?

  • 7
    Enter a question here.

  • 8
    Enter a question here.

  • 9
    It's time to enter battle. What kind of armor do you have?

  • 10
    Did you enjoy taking this test?