• 1
    Your first impression of me when reading my profile?

  • 2
    After hours of incredible sex and we are ready to sleep, which of the following do you think applies to me?

  • 3
    Whats the most important to me that you think will win you the key to my heart?

  • 4
    Which choice do you think means the most to me when you want to show me love?

  • 5
    Which is my idea of a romantic evening?

  • 6
    When cuddling I am very touchy and snuggly. What am I wanting?

  • 7
    Most important aspect of my Mr. Right?

  • 8
    What do I find most attractive about the men that I meet?

  • 9
    What would break my heart and be considered unforgivable to me?

  • 10
    What do you think would be the most important gift to you give to me is?

  • 11
    What is it that you think I am looking for in a realtionship?