• Do you have aspirations for world domination? Does the idea of ruling the world excite you? If so, you might be a megalomaniac... or potentially a partner in crime (and by crime, I mean the fun kind... less the ‘throw you in jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200$’).

    This test evaluates how you’d get along with me, whether you’d be the subject of my infatuation, lust, or simply a good friend. And combining all those, it gives you how good a partner in crime you’d be. Because I’m not going to the big house alone!

    (Also, if you happen to be a combination of Tank-Girl, Betty Page and Amelie, you may just rock my socks)

    WARNING! ATTENTION! ACHTUNG! This is a very thorough test, which means it's long. 70 questions. If that's too long for you, come back when you have more patience.

    Version 1.2 (Third Edition. After evaluation, have tweeked the thresholds slightly. Retake the test if you already have to see if your status changes)