• Well, hello there, friend. Chances are that if you're taking this test, you may already be open-minded, because otherwise you probably wouldn't be willing to try anything new . . . but really, I'm open to the possibility that you really are open-minded, even if someone forced your stubborn ass to take this test at gunpoint. *ahem*

    Anyhow, I will also provide you with several chances to earn bonus points for honesty, which may boost your open-mindedness results; let's face it, some people just aren't very talkative, but that may be because they are already analyzing what people are saying, and maybe more than we think? Maybe they're demons plotting to take over the world?


    Well?!? Never thought of that, huh?

    Hell, you'll never know unless you open yourself up to the possibility of taking this test!

    *cough* Now, let's proceed . . .